Liebster Blog Award 2013

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Thank you very much Solya for nominating me on  Liebster Blog Award, I invite you all to discover her fantastic blog,  Films & Pies!!

What each nominee has to do:

1. List 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated them (mine you can find here)
3. Choose 11 more nominees (who must have 200 followers or less) and ask them 11 questions

11 Random Facts

1. I have two wonderful kittens both blacks and soft, brother and sister, I love to play with them, brush them, cuddle them … They are my little loves
2. I lived in Paris for a year of my life and I will always carry it in heart because it was a unique experience
3. I love going to the spa especially after a long day of snowboarding
4. I have a large greenhouse where I jealously guard my beautiful flowers
5. In the fall I’m going to the mountains to collect mushrooms and chestnuts
6. I love to read books of philosophy
7. I can’t give my usual five o’clock tea
8. I can not stand frozen or packaged foods
9. I would like to visit Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand
10. I love taking care of myself with natural products
11. At this time I would like to walk around Brick Lane
11 Questions
1. If you could choose any superpower, what it would be? And why.
– Spider Man because it has always been my favorite since childhood
2. Name top five your favorite films ever.
 -La dolce vita, Alice in the wonderland, The wizard of Oz, Pulp fiction, Cry baby
3. Could you join the Dark side just because they have cookies?:)
-No, I don’t think
4. What’s in your playlist right now?
 -David Bowie, Ten years after, The Doors
5. City or suburbs? Why?
-Montmartre, Paris, because I’ve already lived there and love it so much!!
6. If you could have a dinner with one (or even two!) artists or characters, who would it be?
-Karl Popper
7. What’s your favorite place in the world?
-My bed
8. What is your biggest passion?
-Love Love Love
9. Do sing in a shower?
-No, I don’t
10. What are you proud about?
-I always find an idea
11. If you could choose the time of living, would you stay in the 21 century or not? And why?
-60s, I miss the style
My 11 Questions

1. What is your favorite dish? 2.What do you have in your pockets right now? 3. Would you travel around the world on a sailboat? 4. How many languages ​​do you speak? 5. What is your favorite TV fiction? 6. One thing that  only you can do… 7. Where will you be in 10 years? 8. What is your favorite actor? 9. Which city / country would you visit? 10. What would you change of your life? 11. Your motto …


 My 11 Nominees

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