Interior Design, Home Inspirations


The saga continues… And as in the previous weekend even today I will dedicate a space to my passions to share with you the things that I like most and characterize my life.

Interior design is one of those, I like to fantasize and imagine my dream home, find alternatives decor solutions, and pry into other people’s houses. My ideal is an eco-sustainable house made ​​of recycled materials and where domotics can give you every comfort…

Dreams aside, I wish you a good weekend and I leave these interior inspirations, enjoy!


La saga continua… E come nei precedenti week end anche oggi dedicherò uno spazio alle mie passioni per condividere con voi le cose che più mi piaccio e caratterizzano la mia vita.

L’interior design è una di quelle, mi piace fantasticare e immaginare casa dei miei sogni, trovare soluzioni d’arredo alternative e curiosare nelle case altrui. Il mio ideale è una casa eco-sostenibile realizzata con materiali riciclati e dove la domotica possa regalarti ogni comfort…

Sogni a parte, vi auguro un buon week end e vi lascio queste ispirazioni di interior, buona visione!












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60 thoughts on “Interior Design, Home Inspirations

  1. It’s amazing what white colour does to the light in the rooms. Always makes it somehow cleaner and vibrant. And that reflection of a bathtub on the black wooden floor. Priceless!


  2. Amazing interior inspiration! I have a pretty similar taste as you, I see .. Might have to save some of these photos to my own inspo – files for later ^^

    Thank you for visiting my blog the other day! I hope you stop by some day again / follow each other 🙂

    xx Satu
    Indie by heart


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