SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

I swear it’s the last post about shoes! But I could not miss it and as promised here I am again to talk about her, Sarah Jessica Parker, or rather, this time to admire her new collection, officially on sale by the end of February at Nordstrom, for more information I had already spoken Here. Now enjoy an excerpt from the SJP collection, brightly colored and mid heel.


Giuro che è l’ultimo post sulle scarpe! Ma non potevo mancare la parola data e come promesso eccomi qui di nuovo a parlare di lei, Sarah Jessica Parker, o meglio, questa volta ad ammirare la sua nuova collezione, ufficialmente in vendita da fine Febbraio su Nordstrom, per maggiori informazioni ne avevo già parlato Qui. Adesso godetevi un estratto della collezione SJP dai colori vivaci e tacco medio!


41 thoughts on “SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

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  2. I was so curious about her collection but to be honest I expected a bit more. I love that her shoes are mid heels but they ain’t something special and as Carrie she wore always special shoes! I love your post so that I can see all of them and at least I like the mint colored one!


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